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29 October 2007


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Kelly Fineman

I have a friend who writes like that. Interesting to know that some of it could actually make it into print, since I'd always assumed otherwise.


I so appreciate how articular you are in your reviews. THIS is what I try and do in writing -- and in my writing group, I try to articulate this to others, "No, I don't believe this character is her dearest friend just because you told me... show me why!" It's always aggravating to find books that actually got published with those flaws - but I'm glad it doesn't totally ruin the story - can't wait to read this one!

Keye Risser

I generally enjoy your comments but think you're way off about the writing in this one. I've read both books in this series and love Easter's voice and the way all the characters talk. This story held me and carried me along.


I liked HOMEFREE and SENSITIVE and thus disagree with your comments although I respect them.

I have one observation to add: Some writers get good editors, and some writers don't. That has been my personal experience as an author who has published seven books with different houses. Some editors helped me write better. Some did nothing to help. One copy editor made my work worse. So it goes.


I didn't even dislike the book, I just had some issues with it -- I was certainly interested enough in the story/situation to want to read the first book.

And, yeah -- I'd imagine that editors must vary!

Cyndy Layman

I really love this book. The second half totally got to me.

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