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30 October 2007


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Airborn is pretty good. I was disappointed in the ending, just because something I was personally hoping would happen didn't, but my little brother loved it.

Sherwood Smith is generally awesome. I've read Crown Duel (both halves) and the Wren books, but my favorite piece of hers is a short story called "Mom and Dad at the Home Front", from the anthology New Magics. It's about the parents of children who disappear into fantasy worlds at night, and what they think of it.


I've read a lot of these. How can that be?


I cast my vote, but I'm not sure it took. If not, my votes were for A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and the Joan Aiken trilogy, both of which I love beyond reason.


Nice. I'll keep it in mind when I decide for sure -- if it DID take, it should have changed the entire poll on your screen, so that you could see the current results. If it doesn't look like that, it probably didn't work. (I thought about going for the ENTIRE Wolves series, by the way, but I thought that might be a little too hardcore.)


The first time I read Crown Duel I couldn't get into it, then I read it again and loved it. Sherwood Smith also has a couple of short stories on her website that take the story further. Feed was kind of eerie, because I felt like it could really happen in a few years.


I'm really begging for the Gormenghast. Wouldn't mind the Sherwood Smith. I've read just about everything else.

Loved Airborn.

Obviously loved the Wolves books but have read all of them 80 hundred times.


Rebecca was awesome but, while I read it over a decade ago, I remember it pretty vividly. (Also, Maxim just didn't do it for me. He was okay, but he was no SETH!) I'm voting for Crown Duel. Everyone raves about it, but I've yet to get past the 1st paragraph. I need a little motivation to get into it.


You haven't read Airborn? Quelle horreur!

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