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26 October 2007


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Oh, and I forgot to mention -- there's a character, Amber, who is straight out of The Clique books (except nice, sort of). She even subscribes to a Glossip Girl-ish service.

I appreciated that.


Is there more than one Ellen Raskin book? I ask in all anticipation since The Westing Game is a book I reread at least once a year if not more often.

Fuse #8

Interesting. I love the Snicket books and was turned off of this title simply because it seemed like a cheap knock-off of the series I loved so well. Plus, every single objection you had to it, I had too. There were little things I liked, but talk about an intrusive narrator! Now tell me what you think about "Alcatraz Verses the Evil Librarians".


Dude, I LOVED Alcatraz. Weird, right?


I find your taste in reading material to be much like my own. (Yay!)

Naw, I didn't like the Icity Snickity books. They put me off at once as I felt the author was being very gimmicky and that the books were written to be made into movies. (ugh, cheap move) I felt somewhat similar about the Spiderwick books, too, although I found the Spiderwick series much easier to read (stomach.)

Thanks for your terrific site. Very, very helpful, even though I think we have the same intuition about books.

Morganne Neaville

this is the best book I've ever read...and I never like to read!!!!! I also can never put down the book!!!!!


hi. i loved this book.does anyone know what book comes next in the series??

the next book in the series is "if your reading this, it's too late" enjoy!

i totally loved this book the other steps right in during the story to explain to you things you may not understand. i also love the way that he put an asterisk after a sentence he wanted to comment on and in smaller letters at the bottom of the page he told you his comment.

oops *author not other

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