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29 November 2007


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Not an atheist, but it's annoying to think that one would avoid a book based on the PRIVATE SPIRITUAL BELIEFS -- and did I say PRIVATE -- of the author.

What, people who don't believe in doing their nails every Thursday -- RELIGIOUSLY -- will now be unable to read my work?



Wow, you do your nails every week?


Also not as atheist, and also annoyed with people who avoid books because of the religious beliefs of their authors. I adore Adams, Vonnegut, Shelley, and Pratchett. And I love The Devil's Dictionary.

I hate how people make such a big deal about...well...EVERYTHING.


I'm not an atheist, and I see the work of a lot of authors I like on that list. I won't be avoiding them because of their beliefs, but I do want to say, I haven't read and probably won't read the His Dark Materials books. Not because of Pullman's religious beliefs, but because I've read several articles where he's been out and out rude and condescending towards mine. It's fine if he (or anyone else) chooses to be an atheist, but I don't think that gives them the right to stomp on me anymore than my beliefs give me the right to stomp on them.


I think that's totally fair. As usual, my issue isn't at all with the people who make a personal choice to skip the books, it's with the people who try to make the choice for someone else.

Did it seem like there were a whole lot of SF authors on that list, or were those just the names I'm most familiar with?


I think there is probably a higher than average amount of SF/Fantasy authors simply because it is an area where...divergent thinking is not only encouraged by really a necessity. And think about how many SF/F authors create worlds that are all about bucking the status quo!

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