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23 November 2007


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Hmmmm... I wonder if they'll take the Old Testament off the shelves since it was written by Jews.


To be fair, His Dark Materials in general, especially the third book, is pretty hostile towards the Church. But I read it and I'm still a good Catholic, so I think they're overreacting.

Faithful Reader from Canada

I'm embarrassed on behalf of the idiocy of people in my country...


I'm putting on a Golden Compass program next week at my library, and I've had 3 written complaints that the library should not support this story. Fortunately, my director supports children and intellectual freedom and I'm continuing to have said program. I love being a librarian.

Rachel Dilbert

I am a childrens' librarian, in a public library. I recently gave the Golden Compass to a 12 year old, that enjoyed scifi. Her mother got upset. The author, she said, is trying to kill God. The book shouldn't be in the childrens' room. My boss put the Golden Compass and other books by Pullman in the YA section. And if we get complaints, it will go in the adult scifi section. Scary!

Brian Mandabach

wow! This is on my daughter's shelf. Is it going to make her hostile to the church? :D
She likes it because it has a cute bear on the cover, which makes it almost as bad as that cherry crystal meth we're hearing about.
Two lucky things:
1. My book has profane language right on the cover, so nobody will get tricked.
2. God CAN'T be killed. There's that omnipotent thing, as well as the eternal, immortal, everlasting stuff.

But sadly, the circulation of books--in certain circles--CAN be.

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