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27 November 2007


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I hate Rachael Ray with a passion. I stopped watching the Food Network because she was always on. I even boycotted Dunkin Donuts, which is difficult in New England where they are everywhere.

Kelly Fineman

Every time I see her, I change channels. But not before exclaiming "Why is she yelling? Make her stop!"


She drives me crazy as well. On top of all her other crimes (obscene levels of perky, occupying far too much time on my favourite channel, appearing everywhere I go) she also ruined my perfect record of cooking awesome dinners. Last Christmas I received one of her books as a gift, and even though she drives me nuts I decided to give one of her recipes a chance. It was awful, hideous, and disgusting. Taste, texture, appearance; all horrible. Then we read some of the little inserts in her cookbook and found out why it was so terrible. It says in the book that she tests all her recipes on 'Boo'. The book in question contained all Boo's favourites...who is Boo? HER DOG. ARGH. How did she decide which ones were Boo's favourites? What on earth made her think that since her dog ate the food, it is clearly quality cuisine??? She's insane.

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