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30 November 2007


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Oh man, these guys are winners. This was my favorite: "I just want kids to enjoy their innocence and their time of growing up," Jeff Issa said, explaining his persistence. "Let them be kids ... and not worry about homosexuality, race, religion. Just let them live freely as kids."

Yeah, we don't want to bog kids down with messages of tolerance and the tools they need to think critically about whatever brainwashing their parents are doing. That would be TERRIBLE.


I love that quote, too. He doesn't want kids worrying about homosexuality, race, or religion. I guess that means he wants all the books with black people removed. And those little picture book bible stories.


I think what troubles me about this the most is a comment a friend of mine made when the MA "marriage" thing was going down, that bigotry toward homosexuals was the last acceptable prejudice.

This woman thinks it's okay to say that an (extremely) chaste peck on the cheek makes her feel "sick"?

Well . . . No. Sorry. I think she's wrong about that. Let's just leave it at that.

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