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12 November 2007


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Kelly Fineman

Awww . . . look at the wee mousies! They are so very furry and militant and cute!

I understand the crying thing. Puff still makes me cry ("Dragons live for ever, but not so little boys . . . "), The Incredible Journey reduced me to a blubbering mass (on three repeat readings, too), etc. Nevertheless, I will venture out to find Mouse Guard, because the wee scowling mousie has captured my heart.


I always cry at the end of The Incredible Journey. I can't read Where the Red Fern Grows because I know that it will turn me into a sobbing wreck. Although, if you want a good laugh, read No More Dead Dogs by Korman.


Yes! I tell people about the No More Dead Dogs rule all the time: If there's a dog on the cover of an award-winning book, that dog is TOTALLY SCREWED. (Winn-Dixie is an exception, but that one made me cry anyway. And let's not even get into Each Little Bird. Auuuuuugh.)


Well, I got through nine Redwall books before it happened, but I admit to leaking like a faucet after a death in Pearls of Lutra. An offstage death, even.


It's so good to hear about someone else with that policy. I don't do horse stories or dog stories. Ever. Not since Phar Lap.

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