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15 November 2007


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You are not a crankypants, Leila. I fully agree. Except for "The Corsage," they all felt like the beginnings of books. I love two of these authors, and I acknowledge that the others are good writers who have a sturdy fan base, but I felt like sending out a mass email: Short story does not equal first chapter. Different formats, ladies. Go back to Fiction Writing 101.

That being said, I would totally read the books expanding on Cabot's, Jaffe's, and even Meyers' stories. (Harrison's heroine was too dumb to live--good thing she didn't, right?--and Myracle's story depressed me too much for me to want a whole book of that.)



Kim Harrison's series is a good read. I couldn't stop reading all her books and it's worth it.

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