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07 November 2007


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Kelly Fineman

My vocabulary is expanding daily: today jackwads, yesterday Scieszka's dickpipes. I am a happy woman.


Holy cat, that's totally MY reading list from a kid (er... maybe still). Could Ms Hale be forgetting The Good Master?

Or possibly Grimm?


I know, right? The only ones I haven't read are the McKillips, and they've been on my TBR list for ages.


Jackwads! Hee!

I am SO looking forward to her graphic novel. And a sequel!!! Already!!! The woman knows how to work, but fo' shizzle. (Okay, admittedly, that's not as cool as 'jackwads.' But look - I tried.)


"What’s the worst that could happen? Unintentional buttermilk? Please, catastrophic annihilation of all human life is much more dreadful. And likely."

Hahaha! And now I feel less crazy because of the amount of time I spend thinking about ending up as one of the last people on earth. 'Cause if SHE thinks about that stuff...well. At least I'm in good company.

Shannon Hale rocks.


Oohhh! Read the McKillips! Read the McKillips!

Gary McKillips

Since my name is McKillips, I am curious as to the refernce "Read the McKillips!" Can you explain. Thanks. Gary McKillips

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