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23 November 2007


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Here is my post about these chapters:



If it hadn't been for the fact Mrs deW2 was narrating I would have thought she was going to jump. She was already depressed and couldn't see any future for herself, and has been allowing Mrs Danvers to have power over her since she arrived at Manderley. That scene was very very creepy.

I agree that Maxim isn't necessarily missing Rebecca through love. Or maybe he loved her but they had a stormy relationship (which really wouldn't be bad compared to this paternal/pet thing).


I knew something was off with the dress, too - and I really liked how Beatrice reacted.

I'm much further ahead and I STILL want to know what Frank was going to tell Mrs. deW2. I mean, I know stuff but I don't know what HE knows.

I was a little surprised about Mrs. D parenting Rebecca - but that's the part that made me really doubt they had a love-nest going on.

The ball was a total turning point for the narrator - the kick in the pants she needed to grow up a little. SUCH a relief.


Yeah, I'm not getting the love-nest vibe either. Certainly an unhealthy level of obsession on Mrs Danvers' part though.

(Forgot to put this before) http://emmaco.livejournal.com/81836.html


Better late than never?


I loved that Chapter 18 scene with Mrs. Danvers because it was melodrama squared, but I really can't believe Mrs. DeW2 actually stood there arguing.
What she should have said: "You're fired."
What she actually said: "You seem to forget I love Mr. De Winter." and "It's not true!" and "Haven't I got feelings as well as you?"
She's as bad as Mrs. Danvers! They're both obsessed with Rebecca!

Leila, I can't remember from my first reading what Frank is on his way over for, but if he's worried Maxim is going to off himself, I hope Frank gets stuck in the mud or something.

You are so completely in the power of Daphne DuMaurier!

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