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07 November 2007


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John Donne's SONG is also in the front of Gaiman's STARDUST. These YA fantasy authors write great stuff, but they need to get a new poem. How 'bout a nice, dirty limerick?


Dude, was this book written for me or what?


I know. You'll have to let me know what you think. I had an issue with the ending, too, but I didn't want to go into it because hey, huge spoiler, and also because I feel like I might just be being too nitpicky.

As if that whole freakout about the floating-holding-hands-backpack-map scene wasn't nitpicky enough.


Well, nitpicky, maybe, but you do have to wonder, when you read things like that: where's the editor? If the unpublished masses like myself struggle to get every sentence perfect and every logical flaw resolved before we even submit, why does a published book that's been looked over by several pairs of eyes still have one-handed-backpack moments that bring the reader up short?

Kelly Fineman

Does Dylan Thomas "rage, rage?" I will have to read it. Kind of like The Lightning Thief, kinda like The Chaos King, kinda like its own self. But the floating/one-hand thing is the sort of thing that I notice, too, and dislike.

a Paperback Writer

Wow. What a cover! I'd pick it up just for that!


It's shiny, too! That doesn't come across in the picture.


this book is so freaking boring!!!


I enjoyed the book more than I enjoyed the front cover :]


this book is soooo amazing i like how its very mysterious and how the characters connect good work katherine i give u a 3 thumbs up cuz i have three thubms this book is totally spooky and outragous and i like the cover too

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