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02 November 2007


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Booooooo. I tried to read this once before with no luck. Oh well. Maybe this time's the charm?


I'm planning on participating.


I just put the audio version on hold - I'll try to listen along.


When I originally read this in 9th grade, I had not yet developed a taste for Gothic romance. That was over ten years ago, though, and now I LIVE for Gothic romance, so I'm gonna give this another shot.

As a ninth grader, I also wasn't digging on Maxim de Winter--he just seemed old--but my perspective on that might have changed, too.


I'll read along too - my grandmother once recommended Rebecca when I was in 7th or 8th grade & I just couldn't get into it but always wanted to try again. And I would have totally read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, a book I own & again, have tried to get into.


Hurray! I'm looking forward to rereading Rebecca. It's been a while. For those who found it hard to get into, definitely try again. It gets really creepy and cool. (A perfect autumn read.)


I've been meaning to read this book, so yay! And the whole read at a set pace thing sounds interesting, although I will have to concentrate so I pay attention to chapter breaks :) I'll definitely post about both the book and the process of reading to a schedule.


Hah -- when my mother was fourteen, she tried to check out _Rebecca_ from her neighborhood library, and the librarian wouldn't let her, apparently thinking that De Maurier was too racy for a young lady. That was in 1966.

My mom found a way to read it anyway, but I don't remember how. Thank goodness those days are (mostly) over, eh?


Oh, *good luck* at keeping to a reading schedule with Rebecca! That is not a book you put down and pick up.


Thanks -- I'm already fighting the urge to start early!


I'm new here, just wanted to say hello and introduce myself.

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