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06 November 2007


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Oh no. Oh no, oh no, oh NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My niece went to Sequoia. We volunteered there.
It's gone straight to hell since I moved to the UK.

It's a tired old question, but honestly: DID SHE READ THE BOOK!!?

And seriously? Now I want to read 12 Again.


(Okay, the "straight to hell" bit also might have to do with the fact that my niece is a senior this year, and my influence there has waned. Hah hah.)

Lady S

I love The Giver. I didn't even make the infanticide and euthanasia connections until after I read the book (at age 30) and read some reviews about why it is challenged. I was just in awe of the writing and the story. Of course, I was let down by Gathering Blue and haven't yet read The Messenger.


I actually appreciated Gathering Blue more after reading Messenger. Or, at least, it made me want to re-read Gathering Blue.

For what it's worth, anyway.

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