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05 December 2007


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Brian F.

I liked the novelty of the first one so I ended up forgiving what wasn't necessarily amazing writing. By the second one, the novelty had worn off and all that was left was the so-so writing. Some really great ideas but here we have another book where its simply a means to getting the movie made. I have a problem with novelists who write the movie instead of the book (if you know what I mean).

Fuse #8

I was disgusted by the first, but thinking about it I probably commented as such on your last review. Such a loss of a good premise. How on earth do you extricate all the humor out of Wonderland? Beddor's a master at it, that much is clear.

Carl V.

I actually really enjoyed the first one, not necessarily because it was wonderfully written, but because I really found myself getting into the story as it went along. So I picked up the second and will get to it someday.

Kelly Fineman

I love the cover - is it from the same person who did the cover to Margo Lanagan's Red Spikes? Nevermind . . . I can look it up myself.


I confess I never got around to reading this series, despite hearing about a thousand positive reviews. It was in the back of my mind, but it just never sounded like a must read, and now I think I'll forget about it.


I do think that those of us who aren't fans are in the minority, if that matters at all.

It really does read like a novelization, though.


How funny, I'm in the middle of reading this one right now. I didn't really like the first book either, but I figured if the library was carrying the sequel and I didn't have to buy it, there was no harm in giving it a try.

The author's TOTALLY trying to write it as a screenplay. At times it's painful to read. And that unfortunate Keanu-esque line was retained in the copy that I got, so it survived the final edits. Yet I go on reading it... as I was explaining to my husband, it's a poorly written book, but at least it's short so I don't have to suffer long.


Re: Keanu: Ugh. There's another line later in the book that I SWEAR was on Buffy. I think it was Xander who said it.

The difference being, of course, that Xander actually had a personality and it made sense, within the context of his personality and the situation, for him to say it.


I never read the first book, and now that I've learned that the capitol city of Wonderland is "Wondertropolis," I'm glad I skipped it.

"Wondertropolis." Could he have used ANY less imagination with that one?


I am SO glad someone else said that. It's bugged me since the first book, but somehow I felt that mentioning my irritation in the write-up would have been too snarky or something.


i met frank beddor at a comic cin thing and he seemed really into the whole LGW world and about making it into something really big. I think he has put the cart before the horse with this, as it has all of a suuden appeared and no one i know has heard of it. It took the author himself to give me a copy. Whether or not this is his best, i believe he has got to wake up to the reality of audience and what we demand. sorry buddy.

Eliza M.

I LOVED this book. i can't wait to get Seeing Redd. I have been trying to get a copy for i don't know how long. I admit in some parts of it it was a little cheesy. Like when dodge and alyss were having a moment it was just weird but other than that it was really good. I hope Seeing Redd is as good. My best friend read the book too and was upset that dodge and alyss didn't get married in the end but that is just her. Over all the book was ok. I guess.

I loved the first one and dying to get the second. I didn't think anything was bad about the book. Although I hope they make dodge focus more on alyss now that he has had a taste of revenge.He was WAY to obsessed. And I think alyss and dodge should get married.Great idea.


I loved the 1st but i heard that the 2nd is bad!


It's a better read than a romance novel...and remember it is a kid's book.


the idea for this series is genieus. the writing wasn't as strong as i would have liked,but you also have to remember that this book is in the teen read section. i read the first two books back to back, cover to cover, and loved it. iv'e been searching for any info on the third book, without any results, can someone help me find a release date [even a title would be nice]. iv'e also read the hatter madigan graphic novel. i really enjoyed the fact yhat they continued the story with hatter in a part of the story tha could have been covered alot more. there's almost twenty years of adventures that could be brought to life.

victor santos

this is one of the best books i ever read so far !!!!!!!!!!!! write a sequel


This was a real letdown compared to the first one. Too much Hatter, not enough Alyss.

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