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13 December 2007


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Yes, this one was PAINFUL to finish without the next one standing by. And did you find that you couldn't eat while you read it? I was starving by the time I was done -- all those food issues!! A really excellent novel -- REALLY excellent.


I couldn't do ANYTHING while I was reading it. The food issues, though, yeah -- that moment in Hahp's story, when Somiss says something along the lines of, "Do you think he's trying to help you? He's trying to keep you weak." -- Auugh. I understood what he was getting at (Somiss, I mean), but wow. And did you get the feeling that the list of Forbidden Practices had a whole lot to do with Sadima?

We've kind of hit critical mass with books in our apartment again, so I've been boxing them up as I finish them, to store 'em away until we get a bigger place. This one is NOT getting boxed up. I'm reading it at least twice more before the next one comes out, and I think I'vve sold Josh on it, too.


I kept this secret hope that Sadima would show up in Hahp's storyline, and it drove me crazier as the book went on. What happened to her?!? Arrrgh.


One of my many questions! Part of me wondered if she was one of the other wizards, maybe using a glamour or something similar, but the larger part of me thinks she either was killed or escaped. The 4 Forbidden Practices really do seem to point to her relationship with Franklin, and maybe to a failed attempt at stopping Somiss.

Maybe she'll show up in the next book and have a showdown with Somiss. We don't even really know the extent of the wizard's powers, do we? Sadima has/had(?) natural ability, as does Franklin, but I'm not sure about Somiss.

Such a good book.

Andrew Karre

I bought this one last night and I'm excited to read it, but does anyone else think Simon & Schuster is going a touch overbroad on the advertising on the books? What's with the Web banner on the edge of the right jacket flap? And an ad under the author's bio on the right flap? Yikes. Is this MySpace or a book?


Wow, this sounds amazing!!


I was wondering how magic could be everywhere in Hahp's world when it seems like the wizards do so much to control who gets to learn, use, and teach it. I can't believe I am just now reading this when it was a National Book Award finalist!


Great. I have this at home but after this review I can't decide whether to read it because it's so good, or wait until the sequel comes out and then read it with the next book standing by. Oh, the quandary!


I felt the same way about eating when I was reading this haha, I lurked around school and didn't really want to do anthing, I was thinking this book could be dangerous for someone who is depressed or anorexic. But in the end when i turned the last page I think I cried a bit.

Does anyone know what the next book is called, i'm dying for it.

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