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18 December 2007


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Kelly Fineman

I liked this one too (my review). When I interviewed Laura earlier this year, she said this about the bagel: "I did some research into vampire mythology, and found that in Eastern European lore, it was said that poppy seeds laid by grave sites would ward off vampires, who would be so distracted counting the seeds they would forget to disturb the dead. I loved that. I also love poppy-seed bagels, and the two ideas came together so very nicely."


HAH! I had no idea that Roma Radisson was Paris Hilton, and duh with the hotel connection, I should have gotten that! I am not the pop-culture goddess that you are, but that just makes me laugh harder -- Paris Hilton, vampiress. Oh, yeah. I'm seeing it. That's Too, Too Funny.™


I knew I'd seen something about vampires and poppy seeds SOMEWHERE! Thanks, Kelly.

Laura Ruby is fab. We should trademark THAT.

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