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13 December 2007


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Weird. He looks like a werewolf.

What happened to the Index that used to be in the menu down the right side of this site? Did it disappear or am I somehow missing it now?

Incidentally, I read the Giving Tree at the bookstore the other day (because it's mentioned here so much), and I'm joining the Un-Fan Club. The Jeerer Club?


Weird. I haven't changed anything on the sidebar. Maybe try refreshing the page?

He does look wolfie, though, doesn't he? Vodka companies come up with the strangest promos.


I didn't have a good shot of myself handy, so I used a picture of the giant head with nails driven into that they recently put in my library as an art piece. Basically, it's the guy from hell raiser, but just the head. which is like 4 feet tall by itself. I thought it was creepy before, but now that I've seen the post apocalypse cockroach survivor version, plain ol' Pinhead is looking pretty good.

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