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03 January 2008


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What a coincidence you should review this book today. I was going to look for it at the library this afternoon but got distracted by all the other pretty things there.

I actually liked the first Echo Falls Mystery better than Kiki Strike. It seemed like a classic contemporary mystery novel, but for kids. There was stuff that was a little predictable for an adult reader, but the writing was solid and the main character was good. I was also drawn in because the setting is clearly near me.


I can see liking it better than Kiki -- Kiki and the Irregulars are awesome and super-fun (and I want to join them!), but I do think that Ingrid & Co. have more depth. Anyway, Book Two is worth reading, but I really do think it's a step down from Book One.

Looking forward to the third book regardless!

Jen Robinson

I thought the first one was better, too. I thought that the second was was less hard-edged, more "for kids", and thus a lesser book. But, like you, I'll be back for Volume 3.

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