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15 January 2008


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Much squealing over another Joan Bauer and Susan Voight. (Trigger is intense.)

Wow. I just want ALL of your list. How you divide it by publishers is just TOO scarily organized.


I'll snag Trigger from the library today if it's not out.

It's not really that organized -- it just happened to be how I browsed for new titles. I'm so excited about so many books! Eeeeek!


I still wanna read Story of a Girl, and Sweethearts sounds so good.

This is one kickin' list. And you reminded me about Out of the Wild, which I just now added as an addendum to my list.

Jules, 7-Imp


There are a ton on MY list you didn't know? There are SCADS on this list *I* didn't know about - and I don't even know where to start! Def. Bewitching Season. And Twice Upon a Marigold! Loved Once! I could go on...

Little Willow

The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks is adorable, as is The Opposite of Invisible, and both of their covers are PERFECT for the stories.


I must confess to clicking each link on your list to look at covers, and being sadly disappointed when they weren't up yet. So, no judgment on the choosing a book by its cover thing.

I'm looking forward to the Sara Zarr and the Catherine Gilbert Murdock. And whatever else you read and review and squeal over.


I dunno'. I didn't like Evil Genius too, too much. Maybe I read it too quickly.
But I'm looking forward to John Green's Paper Towns, Maureen Johnson's Suite Scarlette, the book that Maureen Johnson and John GReen wrote together with another author, Sarah Dessen's book, and, pathetically enough, the final Twilight book. I just..I want to know what happens!


Fun list! I am also looking forward to Andromeda Klein by Frank Portman and The Host by Stephenie Meyer (even though it's "adult").

Do you know anything about when the sequel to Skin Hunger is going to be published? Please let it be this year!


I haven't a clue when the Kathleen Duey book is due out -- but I hope it's SOON.


New Steve Kluger! About Fenway Park! AAAAAAAAAAA!!!

By the way, who has my autographed "Last Days"? Seriously, could you please give it back. That's only my favorite book of all time, ever.


You have an autographed Last Days of Summer? NO FAIR!


I just wanted to drop in to say that Genius Squad is in fact, better than Evil Genius. Also, apparently Catherine Jinks has a new Pagan book coming out! Squee!


Evil Genius- honestly? I couldn't even get through it, and I usually have undying patience with the topics of child geniuses taking over the world using high tech gadgets. Just had to comment.


Yeah it's odd -- that's one that some people (like me) really took to and other people (like you, I'm guessing!) really didn't. I'm dying to read it!


I loved Poison Study & Magic Study and can't wait for Fire Study either! :)

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