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23 January 2008


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Brian F.

I feed your WHO fix
J'adore your taste in YA
Who better for STORM?


Horowitz rip off?
I need free books for my TAB
I'll take anything


Watching Dexter's Lab
My heart belongs to Mandark
His lab is cooler

Kelly Fineman

Great contest. But I don't need it, on account of having my own ARC from ALA. But it totally looks like Horowitz/Ryder from the outside, so I'm disappointed to hear it's not more Go-Go-Gadget Time on the inside. Ah well.


Compulsive reader.
No money, small library.
Perfect for rejects.


No silverfish here,
my bookshelves are all free-range.
It is a good home.


Glowy Ancient tech
Makes Rodney obsess, John grin.
ATLANTIS: Nerd love.


I don't want the book!
(Elizabeth rules though,
as she loves Mandark.)

Chrissie Morrison

I love reading ARCs
They give me lots of "street cred"
And cool prizes too

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