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22 January 2008


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Brian F.

"How NOT to be Popular is basically a teen movie in book format: "

Yeah, but see, this is what bothers me about 90% of the books I'm reading these days. I get very disgruntled when I read something where it's CLEAR the author is writing with the movie/Disney Channel special in mind. Never mind using any sort of technique* or thematic skill. Just write lots of dialogue, describe the characters well enough so the casting agents know exactly which actors you were picturing in the roles, and dream about the red carpet premiere.

I can handle "Nothing new but it's entertaining and funny" but I'm personally tired of reading books missing everything but a page that says, "See what a great movie this would make and I think that Hannah Montana girl would be great as Chelsea/Whitney/Simone."

This is me getting all grrr and fist shaky. I'd like to enjoy reading a book again at some point and not a pre-novelization. Thus endeth the complaints.

*=I haven't read this book so I can't comment on whether the author uses technique or possesses any sort of writing skills but the "book as movie" label will make me run screaming from it.



As I have also noticed the trend, I was irritated by that aspect of the book. It is very much a book where you think about the casting. But I didn't want to go into a separate rant in the middle of my write up*, and I'm sure that there are plenty of people who will like the book and who won't be bothered by it.

*Thanks for doing it for me!


I just got a copy of this one and I can't wait to start reading it. I really like the premise. :)

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