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31 January 2008


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That is seriously the most awesome video I have every seen. I have never seen someone talk that fast and make no mistakes ever. Not to mention and amazing message that I hope gets to the people of the town in question. It is interesting how this will most likely have the opposite reaction of those parents that want to ban it. Banning something is really the best publicity for any book.



I love John Green. I looooooooooooove him so much.


Another book I'd never heard of that I now desperately want to read since someone tried to ban it :-)


Awesome defense against censorship. I'm going to read that book too.

i hate emo kida

sigh. make me mrs. green.


Normally I don't watch videos all the way through. I find the gist of the info in the beginning and then cut it short.

His talking fast kept me completely engrossed in what he had to say the entire some odd minutes. Great technique I wish my professors would do that ha.


Just wanted to say that...

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