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15 January 2008


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Melissa Walker

Great to read an early review--looking forward to this one. Thanks!

Karen Yingling

I will read this one with interest. Thanks for the heads up on the sensitive material. I just had a parent challenge for the first time.


Oh, so jealous. I need to get my hands on a copy of this :)

Faithful Reader in Canada

Oh, now that I know it's a good one, it's going to be even harder to wait until April!!!! Sarah Dessen is one of my all-time favourites. Thanks for the review!


I really liked it. But it does have a different feel than some of the others -- I'm really curious to see how other people react!

Little Willow

I really related to how guarded Ruby is, yet we had completely different upbringings. Solid story, solid book. I liked it a lot.


Loved the ten word round up! And I LOVED Lock & Key! :)



I really was not impressed by this book AT all.
I just finished and....I'm soooo disappointed.
Ruby was bland, boring, and rushed. This whole story was rushed, it didn't feel genuine to me in anyway shape or form. Which sucks because I love SD's work.

I'll be the only one to hate this story.


LOVED this book. Though it's a tough choice... I think this one is my favorite Sarah Dessen book so far.


I just started it :)
i've never read any of her books so im hoping i won't be disappointed!
And whats the deal with Nate??


i think the book was good. buut my butt smells. any advice!??!


Oh my gosh!
this boook is sooo fantastic!
I just read the whole book that I borrow from the library and then I had the urge to re read it again and again!
This book is so great that after readfin the ending bit of when Nate leaves, I felt really plain inside me and there was this feeling of which I couldn't explain!
Even though, Ths book is EXCELLENT to read and I think everyone would enjoy it!


I read this book and loved it, I couldnt put it down I wonder if there will be a second book?

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