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08 January 2008


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Of course, Georgia is awful and a beast. That's the joke. What do people want? A character who will teach us about life? That's what Newbery books are for.

While I like the the Georgia Nicholson books, they tend to run together in my mind. They're pretty much all the same thing. I just happen to enjoy the thing. So I agree with you that it might be time to let Georgia go.


Part of the reason I love Georgia is that she's such a beast.

And I do love the books. But, yeah. It's time.


I agree that Georgia is horrid and such, but I still love her to bits.
I honestly thought that this would be the last book in the series.
And just to put in my two cents, I think she'll end up with Dave. But I think everyone does.


She'd better end up with Dave, dammit!

I guess it could have been the end. Didn't really feel like it, though.


I luurrve Georgia. And there's no oo-er about it. But I'd also vote to wrap this thing up. But I'd also like her to pick Dave the Laugh, so I may be way off on all these things.


Remember? The big counter-exception to Georgia's consistent beastiness and the books all running together? It was the time the Bummer Twins had framed P. Green for shoplifting, and Georgia got so indignant she finally went and told on the Twins. I loved that because I felt it showed some actual character development on Georgia's part and yet (very realistically) she didn't like Pamela and her hamster family any better afterwards.

As to how it will all end, Louise Rennison has said (who knows how true it is) that the characters were very closely based on real characters in her own life and according to what she said, in real life there was no happy ending for Georgia with either Dave the Laugh or Robbie the SG. Of course she can still write a different ending for the fictional characters if she wants!


I could see it going either way -- that she ends up with Dave the Laugh or alone-and-okay-with-it, that is. I can't imagine her ending up with either Robbie or Masimo.

I hadn't heard that (about the characters being based on people in LR's life). That's v. cool. My favorite thing about the books, even more than the zany situations and characters, is the Georgia-speak. It's fabbity fab. Louise Rennison gets so, so many points from me for creating it.


Leila, I'm with you on the fabbity fab speak. Oh so v. marvy.
And, I only suggest Dave the Laugh as the one acceptable option. Moving on alone for the time being and waiting for something better (or just enjoying life as it is) is a fine option too, real-life based or not. Frankly, I always rather feel that Georgia makes all the boys in her school look like total wankers. She's the girl you totally want to tell, you can do so much better than these little boy-men! And I love her for that too.


It's called "Lurrve is a many troused thing" in the UK. I saw Lousie Rennison live at Endinburgh lit. festival (!) and she said the American publishers changed it because too many Americans "didn't know what lurrve" meant. Seriously. So Hamburger-a-gogo land gets boring titles, whereas we get the fabbity-fab ones.


ive read all her books except this one!
i bet it'll be great!


Not to be annoying, to all those Dave the Laughs fanss :D But I hope she ends up with Robbie xD


UMM.... You have some mistakes. BIG MISTAKES. Actually in *Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging* Georgia is 14, and Libby is 2. In *Startled By His Furry Shorts* the book BEFORE *Love is a many trousered thing* Georgia is 16, and Libby is 4. Libby is still a kid, god damnit, get it through your head!!! And georgia has aged two years!!!

I find Georgia's diary entries HILlARIOUS, and I NEVER EVER EVER want them to end!!! IDK about YOU ALL, but everytime it just gets Funnier and Funnier!!!!! =D

Emily *Also knows as PRIVATE!!!*

ALSO... I absolutely HATE how in Hamburger-A-GoGo-Land they changed one of the books that was called *Don't worry because I have Really Big Knickers On!* to *I am now the Official Girlfriend Of A Sex Goddess!!!* I thought the Knickers one was SOO fab!!!

OMG I agree with you both, I just Luurrvvee Georgia talk!!!*Even if it bugs the crap out of all of my friends!!! xDDDD*

Cool Chick

I lurve georgia and i also hope she ends with dave the laugh as she has really close thing with him can i ask how this book ends cause i hav not read luuurve is a many trousered thing
i hate masimo the italian stalion

Rennison fan

For all those fans above, you might like to know that Louise Rennison is previewing her new series at the Oxford Literary Festival on 21 March:

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OMG i just read this book and i apsolutely LOVE it it was FABULOUS!!!!


SPOILER ALERT!!!!! DO NOT READ AHEAD IF YOU HATE SPOILERS!!! georgia ends up with dave the laugh at the ends of louise's last book, 'are these my basoomas i see before me' when her current boyfriend Masimo goes to london with the stiff dylans without georgia. When she finishes her performance as mercutio in her schools production of Romeo and Juliet masimo comes in (to her school) to say goodbye. she tells Jas about it and Jas goes to get her a Midget Gem_to make her feel better,lol) .Jas tells dave (who was on lights on the production) and goes to see georgia. she pretty much immediately moves on to dave the laugh.

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