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04 January 2008


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Heh. I HATE not being able to read in the car. I remember when I was a kid, and swinging and reading (yes, I did that, too) started making me sick... I was SO BUMMED.


At least Josh can be fought off with, you know, driving. I generally just puke on the people trying to take MY books...


I also hate not being able to read in the car! My sister can do it just fine, and I would always nag her out of jealousy ("Oh, you're gonna get sick. You're gonna give yourself a monster headache. You'll be sorry later."). I've always been the first to get car sick, with or without a book, since I was a kid. I even get motion sickness watching movies sometimes. It kinda sucks.

Now I'm not one to endorse excessive drug use, but I swear Dramamine (or a cheap generic equivalent) is a total life saver. I take one for any lengthy car ride, which is pretty much any ride over 45 minutes, and now I can take along a good book.


I can read in the car, but only for a little while before I start feeling nauseous. I hate Dramamine, but I found a different solution: audiobooks! An Abundance of Katherines on CD got me to Grandma's house and back for Christmas.

a Paperback Writer

Oooh! I'm so glad you reviewed this. I'd been debating whether to read it or not. Now I think I will.


ooohhh you are so bad for me. do you realize you are personally responsible for making my to-read list a mile long?

I wonder if one can get a more convincing and funny recommendation, "must read even if I puke."


I'm glad my mother was out of the room when I read this post, because I laughed so hard I got spit all over her laptop screen. I'm also now very much inclined to read this book.

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