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23 January 2008


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Brian F.

I'm reading this now. DEFINITELY a "movie book." Henceforth, any YA that starts with a Prologue, I'm going to mentally substitute the words "Pre-credit scene."


Heh. Always glad to be agreed with.


Alex Rider fans will be looking for gadgets, globe-trotting, thrills, chills and of course, Kids Saving the World from a Madman. Unfortunately, though there were certainly gadgets and globe-trotting, there wasn't much in the way of thrills and chills.

So true. I *tried* reading this yesterday but gave up after about a hundred pages. I was expecting action, especially with the Alex Rider comparison. As interesting as the gadgets were (and I did flip to the back for the Author's Note and Gadget File. I agree, very cool), I kind of felt like they were the most important element of book, not the characters or plot, and if I wanted to read about cool gadgets, I would have picked up a magazine or non-fiction book instead. I think the book is more similar to Evil Genius (um, except for Evil Genius being a much better book, I mean), but with the geniuses on the side of good, obviously.


I liked this book, it was smart, quick and what it lacked in action it more than made up for in smarts.


I don't agree the comment above the the last. I think this book was a quick action/mystery. And if the gadgets were the main point of the book then wouldn't the plot be about keeping the gadgets from getting stolen?

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