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08 January 2008


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Granted, it was the 1970s and I was a very sheltered child, but I LOVED the chapter about dusting. Also the one where the soup kept re-appearing at every meal until the girl finally ate it.

Okay, feeling a big wave of nostalgia for those old-time kids' books that were undeniably weird but so straight-faced you knew it was true, that was how things were back then.


I discovered AOAKF at a library book sale in Pennsylvania when I was 6. I thought it was awesome (possibly bespeaking my extreme lameness, but there you are). I still have the copy. It's falling to molecular bits, all of which have soy sauce on them.


I should really read it. As much as I know I'll giggle at the dusting, I'm sure there'll be something comforting about it, too.

Didn't the soup thing happen in Mommy Dearest, but with a piece of meat?


I LOVE all of the All of a Kind Family books and learned a lot from them that I stll remember today.


I'm another one that remembers the dusting chapter vividly (and I usually think about it when I dust) - and the series really was my introduction to Judaism, and I think it helped having something nice and wholesome before I read all those Holocaust books.


You haven't read AOAKF? Are you serious? And how has no one mentioned the chapters about the library yet? Jeez. Get on it.

And the dusting really is fun. (Though I totally don't dust, so I guess it didn't really work on me.)


I never dust without thinking about buttons. (Well, actually, I rarely dust at all, but you get the point.) I loved the entire series.

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