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14 January 2008


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I've been meaning to check out LAIWI for a while, but I don't know if I'm up for this one. I don't really need a realistic book about post-apocalyptic NY.


That's fair. You should definitely read the first one, though.


i second what you said about the bejeezus being scared out. both books made me want to massively stockpile canned goods.


Did you notice you were quoted on the back cover of the galley? That must have been pretty cool!


I loved this book!!!!!!!!! it was great! if you have not read it, READ IT!!!!! trust me!


this book was dull in the beggining, but as you continued to read, it became much better, and more exciting, to the point that i would be up untill 3a.m. reading!
A deffinite good read!

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