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25 February 2008


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Brian F.

Amazon has zilch on the plot. Give us a one sentence summary.


What, "it's awesome" isn't enough?

Set in Scotland, alternate history in which Napoleon won at Waterloo and spiritulism is taken very seriously (classes in school, even). Spooky goings-on at a seance, a murder, political machinations and some extremely sketchy medical experiments -- and that's just so far!! AND it's a boarding school story.


I live in a Foreign Country, and book purchases are a Major Investment what with the shipping cost. So does "awesome" mean that if you were in my shoes, you'd put this one on the to-buy list? My categories are "YES!!! RIGHT NOW!!!" "Yes, probably, soon or later" and "Look for used copy eventually".


Hee. I'll be posting about this one directly too. Jenny rocks!


it sounds pretty durn intense. anything with alternate history and sketchy medical experiments gets my attention and vote.

a Paperback Writer

You had me at "set in Scotland."

Brian F.

I'm with Paperback Writer.

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