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26 February 2008


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Aw, Peabody & Emerson!!


Emerson has his moments but, somewhere between Seeing a Large Cat and The Falcon at the Portal, I found my true love. (Note: Ramses and Nefret both have six letters, Leila. Although Nefret bugs the hell out of me most of the time. She totally doesn't deserve my beloved Ramses.)


I proudly admit that I have more than a slight crush on Ramses. Excuse me while I sigh longingly...


I dunno, I found Ysabel kinda disappointing. I mean, it was a good story but it wasn't up to the usual enthralling GG Kay standard.

Sarah Rettger

I could go for either bracelet - you have one guaranteed customer already!


You haven't read Ysabel yet? Oh, do. Although you might want to re-read the Fionavar Tapestry first, since it is an indirect sequel.

Eep. I hope that doesn't count as a spoiler


I think I spent years pining - PINING - for Emerson. And I loved that Peabody just didn't take any crap, you know?

Oh to be out in Egypt looking for tombs....somehow even with all the sand and sweat it managed to seem like the best romantic dream ever.

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