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14 February 2008


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Brian F.

Aw, man, does that mean we have to refocus our Gay Agenda Propaganda to target those ninth graders? That means re-writes, re-designs, meetings upon meetings... Dammit, don't these rednecks know that executing our plan to indoctrinate the youth of America is costly? We don't just wave our fairy wands and *poof* kids are lining up for their toaster ovens. It takes calculation, strategy, and fabulous outfits.

I've got a gross of Homo Connect the Dots books! What am I going to do with them now?! Ninth graders aren't going to want those. I guess I should just be glad we're allowed to recruit high school students. No, no, they can't take that away from me.

M. H.

Presumably then all children with gay parents would be removed from school as potential sources of exposure? My own two kids are cheering at the thought!

Kelly Fineman

I would like to draft a bill for the purpose of smacking Rep. Stacy upside the head. But sadly, I don't live in Tennessee. I live in New Jersey, where civil unions are legal.


Being from Virginia, and sadly close to Loudon County, I apologize on behalf of our mixed-up state. Why mixed-up, you ask? Well, while Obama easily took Virginia and record numbers of Democrats came out to vote in the primary, we also were a state that just about handed Huckabee another victory over McCain. We don't know what we want here.

But I'll always stand up for Tango, now and forever.

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