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14 February 2008


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Piz is sweet. He'll win you over by the end. How can you not like someone who cares so much about VM?

Lady S

I headed straight over to look at the Frog and Toad bracelet and it was gone already! That was fast. I do think I am going to ask for one of those Beezus and Ramonas. I actually thought to myself that I would buy one if you made it in green, cause I hate red. I am also in LOVE with the Tuck bag. I am hoping to get it for my birthday.

You are going to grow to love Piz. You will also be so sad when you get to the end of the last episode. My husband and I have been Netflixing them and were so disappointed when we came to the last morsel of yummy goodness. At least we can still see Kristen on Heroes and Chris (Piz) on Private Practice. I don't think I ever remember seeing her in that denim vest.


She wears it in the first episode. I'm hoping it won't reappear.


Okay, I need motivation. I watched the entire first season of Veronica Mars a few weeks ago when I was home sick. I loved it, but when I started the second season, suddenly hated it. The popularity and Logan! So is it worth finding the season again and sticking the whole thing through to the end? I just don't know! Assistance, please!

(Also, I love the idea of those bracelets, but curse it! I just got a speeding ticket. Bah!)

Julie Carter

I grew to be quite fond of Piz, though the whole series needed MORE MAC! More Mac Now!


I fell in love with Chris Lowell (piz) on Life as we Know It (tv version of Melvin Burgess's Doing It). And Logan becomes such a wet and pathetic mess that it's nice to have a new boy to drool over.

Having said that, i liked the third season SO MUCH BETTER than the second. Veronica's dialogue (particularly with her dad) is just ON FIRE.

Sarah I.

Hurray for Holmes and Watson. :)


You will continue to haaaaaaaaaate Piz. And thankfully that vest does not show up again. I haven't seen 3.1 since it first aired over a year ago and I imeediately knew what you were talking about. The cut-out back... it is burned on my memory. I wish I could forget it. S3 is pretty uniformly horrible. Bright spots: Logan meets Logan the Lesser (you did watch Gilmore Girls, yes?) and Logan meets his 6 year old girl self. Other than that... oh the pain, the misery, the regret.

PS-- I am so crazy about my Ramona/Beezus bracelet that I'm seriously considering the Holmes/Watson. Oh the love.


I blogged about your Frog/Toad bracelet today. Thanks so much---I love it!


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