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04 February 2008


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Is it less of a romance than Wicked Loveley (or not a romance at at all?) That would be a bummer because she rocked the YA romance.

That cover is gorgeous.


I love the cover, too.

It's less of a romance. There is a romance, but it's very, very, very different. It's a triangle, like in Wicked Lovely, but the motivations and concerns involved make it all much darker and ugly and... not romantic.

There are a few moments with my darling Seth, though, and one particularly nice/heartbreaking bit about him. Le sigh.

Sheila Ruth

Funny. I just finished it and I thought it was better than Wicked Lovely. Darker, certainly, but better. I think she's really matured as a writer, and I loved the whole "yin-yang darkness-light" theme going on. You're right that Leslie is hard to relate to, because of her issues, but I really connected with Irial and Niall and I had a soft spot for Gabriel. And I thought it was cool that Seth didn't come across as hot as he did in Wicked Lovely, because of course Leslie wouldn't see him that way.

I am pretty irked that the back cover of the ARC says "ages 12 and up" and I think that's wrong. I'm the parent of a 12-year-old, and I don't think that this is an appropriate book for most 12-year-olds. I would put it more like 14 and up.


I'd say it's more of a 14-up as well. And you're totally right about Leslie's view of Seth and about Gabriel -- I loved it when he, Mr. Super Tough, was terrified about dealing with his daughter. (But that he was also all paternal and didn't want her in the same orgy room (or whatever was going on there -- I assumed mega-sex and mega-violence) as him.) While I didn't connect with Irial and Leslie, I did feel like I understood them, and that's major, especially considering I didn't connect with them.

I will be interested to see what teen fans of WL think, especially if they pick it up expecting another swoon-fest. That's what I really wanted to make clear in my write-up -- that it's well done, but extremely different.

Sheila Ruth

Yes, it is very different and I agree, I'm interested to see what the teen fans think. The thing I really liked about Irial is the reluctant dark lord thing. That he has the darkness in him, and it's part of who he is, but he also has this deep, caring side. And if he didn't have both, he wouldn't be as good a king for the Dark Court. I thought that was really interesting.

Kit-Kats are yum

I'm excited!
I didn't like the "swoon" fest in WL cause it was boring and not very well written, imo. But this sounds very good plus that cover is positively gorgeoussss.

: D


Hope you like it, Kit-Kat. It is a nice cover, isn't it?

Sheila, yeah. If Irial wasn't a good king, he wouldn't have done what he did at the end (or waited for the right time to do it). Sorry that's vague! Just trying to avoid major spoilers, but as you've read it, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.


I enjoyed both stories. I completely agree that they are different and that Ink Exchange is much darker and definately not appropriate for a 12 year old. However, I do think there is some romantic tension that will satisfy the readers who enjoyed that part of the story in WL. Naill's desire for Leslie is very deep and I think it comes across very well. Thanks for writing your review.


I really liked Wicked Lovely and can't wait to start this one. Your it's a romance but not a romance comment makes it sound really interesting. :-)


I really liked this book. My friends thought it was depressing but I loved the dark and light thing. How she had to choose and decided not to choose either. It was great. I want her to write another one. :3 About the other friend they have. Oh, and I want a picture of that tatoo, does anyone know where I can get one?


I really liked Wicked Lovely better. I liked Seth the best and he's to different. :( I just liked the romance!


I felt the same way as you when it came to connecting with the characters. Thanks for the great review, I posted a link to it on my blog.


We need a lot more inisghts like this!

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