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07 February 2008


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...and in other news, I just read over at Trashionista that Random House is bringing back the Sweet Valley High Series. My older cousin LOVED these, especially in audiobook format (not much of a reader, my cousin.) All I can remember was how annoyed I was by Jessica-twin and how boring I thought they were compared to my Encyclopedia Browns. I wonder if I'll like them more now. I mean, they must have been better than I remember if Random House is bringing them back. Right?


What is your take on the euro-sponsored reading initiative? If I recall my social psychology theories correctly, providing children with such an incentive to read will make any that intrinsically enjoyed reading loose all internal desire and simply act on the rewards. What happens when the money runs out?


Oh, Elizabeth, I saw that and forgot all about it -- I was never a SVH girl either, though I just laminated a couple of the old covers to make bags.

Kristie, I think the reading initiative is totally bizarre. I mean, I understand what the guy is trying to do, but I can't imagine that it'll work.


Sweet Valley High- I remember those books. It's the sort of series you might read with great interest until you get to the last book, when it hits you- it's exactly like the first one. I hated those.

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