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05 February 2008


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I must get my hands on this book...I must read it.
It'll be nice to read about a nice step-parent. They don't get treated very well in kid/YA lit. Then again, I didn't have a nice step-dad, so I totally understand why.


The father in DWJ's The Ogre Downstairs is my all-time favorite step-parent. Or maybe the mother in "Say Yes."


A step back some 40+ years in time... I just finished a reread of "Katherine Wentworth" and "Katherine's Marriage" by D.E. Stevenson (1964 & 1965) (now that I think of it, Stevenson's books could be included in the list of "adult books that work for teens") and it has two lovely step-parents. When Katherine remarries, she has her first husband's son and their young twins, so her new husband is a step-step-father to the older boy, and a very good one indeed.


Yay for Sara, indeed. Alan is an amazing character. I even had a bit of a (truly platonic) crush on him by the end of the book.

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