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09 February 2008


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Julie Carter

I've read none of those books. Am I a slacker? Should I be embarrassed?


Great selection of books, Leila, I've been missing my gothic romance :)

Julie, you're not alone. But this is our chance to rectify at least one of these gaps!


I read the Hawthorne in college, among other of his titles. Good read, though.

I'd LOVE to read du Maurier like the last time. I immediately went out to Borders looking to buy Rebecca after reading it!


I simply adore The Thorn Birds. It's one of those rare ones where I love the book and the movie equally.

It's just so romantic! And now I want to go home and watch the entire eight hour mini series.


Leila, how are you leaning on this Big Read #2? I'm wondering how soon I have to finish my current read. I'm not good at reading two or more things at once...mainly, because I tend to gravitate towards one and favor that. And then sometimes my focus jumps around so much. So, out of self-preservation, usually I do things one at a time. I know....women are supposed to be multitaskers. Don't tell any men!


I ended up casting my vote for House of the Seven Gables, but really I'd do it if we ended up with any of them except Peyton Place. (And, to be honest, probably even then.)

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