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14 February 2008


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R.J. Anderson

I loved Book of a Thousand Days and Incarceron blew my mind -- but I'm still sad that Northlander didn't take the prize. Everyone's heard of Shannon Hale (or if they don't, they soon will) and Catherine Fisher is well-established, but Meg Burden really deserves more readers!

Which is not to say the judges chose wrongly by any means, because Book of a Thousand Days really is wonderful.


Last time I checked (granted, a while ago) the NYPL didn't have any copies of Incarceron. I really (beyond want) need to read it.

And, speaking of which, have you seen/reviewed The Arrival? I just walked around to all the bookstores in my area and bought every copy I could find.

Brian F.

Would you please post something so I can be distracted from my thesis and not feel guilty about it?

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