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20 February 2008


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I know, they kind of look cranky and some of them have eyebrow and hair issues (Ed and Jasper) but compared to the REGULAR pictures of the actors I looked up I'm quite happy with the way they look. I was nearly throwing a hissy-fit before hand.

As long as they aren't bad in the movie, I think I'll live.


Brian F.

I haven't read the Meyer books but I'll see anything that prominently features Cedric Diggory.


I'm not sure this is Cedric's best angle. He looks much hotter in his Quidditch kit.


Bah, I say. Bah!


None of them are attractive.
Aren't the vampires supposed to be MIND NUMBINGLY gorgeous?
Oh, well.


The photo is so "posed" that they look like wax museum figures to me!


I am treating the movie as a complete and separate entity from the book.
My mental anity requires it. Half of them aren't even that pale. I love their Alice, Emmett I am still strugling with Carlisle but he is kind of growing on me.

The movie Edward... ugh! it's like kicking a dead horse.


This Rosalie doesn't hurt my self esteem. She is too short, too tan, and with the hair she is weird looking. sorry last rant


Why is everybody saying they're unattractive? They're gorgeous. That's just not a great photo since they all look very posed and kinda pissed. ;)

Little Willow

While showing these images to friends today, I said, "Why is Alice so sullen?"

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