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11 February 2008


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Kerfuffle is such a fun word for such a painful mess. :D


I know. Controversies can be fun to follow when there's some amount of distance, but reading the commentary on this one just hurt. I'm glad it's wrapped up.


These things are considerably less amusing when they don't involve ferrets.


I am afraid it isn't dead yet. If the kerfluffle runs true to form, the next step is that someone will suggest dire retribution-- we should boycott this evil writer of e-mails and never read or buy any of her books, for example. Then someone else will point out that this is an unnecessarily harsh response. Then this person will be accused, by yet another person not part of the original debate, of DEFENDING the evil actions of the e-mail writer. "No, I didn't." "Yes, you did, look, look, I can quote." And we will all be off to the races again.

I'm posting this comment because I am so sick of the process. Is there anything we can do to derail it?

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