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31 March 2008


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Hop to it! I love those GNs. Michael Cera is turning into quite the YA rocker.


i will be curious to hear what you think of the casting after you read the series.

and DO read it. it's great fun!

Sarah I.

Ha!! I beat you to something! I am on the third installment of the Scott Pilgrim saga, and I like it quite a lot. I love the idea of Michael Cera being in that story, but....I'll have to see I guess. :)

Yes, I am back in a comic book phase, and loving it!


I love Michael Cera too. I don't fawn over him on my blog b/c my boyfriend would get annoyed (he reads it). I don't know what Scott Pilgrim is but maybe I need to know now.


I second Ren on the casting query. I also love love lurrrrrvve Michael Cera, AND I love Scott Pilgrim, too (well, loved all but the 3rd out of the 4 books so far -- the 3rd was just like), but I'm not sure about the two becoming one. Hmmmm, it is an adorkable combination, though.

On the comics tip, I just read a preview of the upcoming Plain Janes, and I was wondering what you think of the Minx imprint. I've found most of the "girl-centric" books completely infuriating, from the covers (can't wait for Water Baby to come out so I can rag on the full size version, oh, it irks me so!) to the contents (weak, pandering, etc.). I only really enjoyed the Plain Janes out of the 4 or 5 that are already out. But that was written by Cecil Castellucci, so...

And on a kinda completely unrelated note, have you seen the movie Wristcutters? Gob Bluth, I mean, Will Arnett is in it. Him, and Tom Waits. Wheeee!


Freaking GASP! I'll add Wristcutters to my Netflix queue, STAT!

The only Minx title I've read in its entirety is The Plain Janes. I do think the imprint would do better if bookstores shelved it with the other YA stuff, rather than with the comics, though.

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