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11 March 2008


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Julie Carter

I kept saying love child of Tom Cruise and Mark Harmon.

Brian F.

I found the first season hit and miss, more misses than hits. But I'm REALLY digging the second season. Less overt sex (I abhored the sex monster episode of season one), more character development. My fave episode of season one was "They Keep Killing Suzie." It ties directly into events of season two.


So far the most exciting thing I've seen on Torchwood is that Gwen has the same coffee mugs as I do. Ikea!


I am kind of addicted to Torchwood, even though Jack looks like a (much) more attractive (and less annoying) version of Tom Cruise, the plots are shakey (at best), I wish Gwen would die a horrible, pain-filled death, and the characters I love the most are terribly under-utilized (Tosh! Ianto! Rhys!).

In my opinion, the first season has better episodic plots than the second season, which relies more on character than plot and still manages to screw up basic personality traits in every single character.

So, yeah. The show's hit or miss, but I love it.


Have a look at Captain Jack appearing on a wacky panel game - he seems much less like Tom Cruise* after seeing this.
*(apart from the gayness)


I just discovered that the 11th, the day you posted this entry, was John Barrowman's birthday. Ironic, eh?


How sad is it that I've watched the "Weakest Link" episode with John Barrowman and David Tennant? Pretty sad:
< href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k3u3seMW-jk">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k3u3seMW-jk

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