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05 March 2008


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A few brief comments: "Livilla" is actually just the diminutive of "Livia." So: Little Livia. Shudder.

Postumus RULES. Love him, love him, love him. Way more than Mr Perfect Germanicus.

I feel like "bossing" is not nearly a strong enough term for what Livia does. Although it's kind of funny.

re: Julia and Tiberius. Dude, she's having orgies in the Forum at night and SHE's disgusted by HIM? Ewww. Graves nicely exploits the imagination's ability to conjure up something worse than anyone could possibly write.


So I am finding that I have to turn to the back of the book to look at the family tree because every time a name is mentioned I am thinking - wait who's that again. The book so far is making me feel depressed at everyone's fate but then I find myself laughing at the way in which Claudius describes everything. Livia I just plain don't like and I just feel in turn annoyed at and then sorry for all the people she is manipulating. The only character I have really like so far is Postumus for standing up for little Claudius but I am worried about Livias interest in him. I will just have to keep reading I suppose.


Here is my link for the day.


I must be reading this too late at night. I read other people's observations, and I'm like how did I miss that? Anyway, I'm glad I'm reading this in a group or else I would probably miss out on something.

Kelly Fineman

I believe I must away to the library and consider joining you. This sounds too damn awesome to pass up.


Leila, I cringed with the letter being read aloud too, especially when poor Tiberius tried to skip over the dangerous parts and found it was all dangerous parts. I'm flipping between admiring and hating Livia, too. She's so very efficient! Yet also evil. Dear me.

Sally, your edition has a family tree? Jibbed!

Scatty notes up here.


"Little Livia". So horrible, yet so perfect.

And I know that "bossing" doesn't quite do it, but... yeah. I do love the term.

The scene where Postumus told off Cato reminded me of a bit in one of the new Le Guin books -- the second one, I think.

So we never find out Tiberius is up to? (Not that I think I even WANT to know...)

Sally, I am so jealous that your book has a family tree!

Kelly, do it, do it! I've already forced it on one of my co-workers at the library, too! Hurrah!

Emmaco, I'm so glad I'm not the only one who has mixed feelings about Livia.


eh. I'm still 2 days behind. I got my second reading and post done. So that's where the mention of Tiberius' peculiar practices was. I couldn't find it in the wee hours of the morning. I only ever heard of Caligula before this.

Livia is evil.


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