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10 March 2008


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Once you've finished, you should beg, borrow, or steal a copy of the BBC's 1976 adaptation of "I, Claudius". The production values are laughable at times and you have the feeling that if the actors sneezed too hard the sets might topple, but the casting and the acting is fantastic. Sian Phillips's Livia is particularly spot-on, as is Sir Derek Jacobi's Claudius. It's chock full of all sorts of excellent British actors (including a young Patrick Stewart - with hair!), and I can't think of a miscast of any sort off the top of my head.


And I almost forgot to mention that they are very faithful to the books. So much so that the series is in thirteen parts and clocks in at almost eleven hours.


Oh and you'll find out why Livia is so intent on her bloodline maintaining control! She has a plan (doesn't she always?).

And now I'll go away and stop bothering you. :)

Erin A

I loved that the gladiatorial fights were totally WWF -- I thought the same thing! The fights Claudius describes make me wanna watch me some Russell Crowe...

I have to go back a few chapters for a second. Seriously, I nearly snarfed my wine (of course wine while reading Claudius!) when I read on page 99 about the origins of Camilla's name: "...among the Etruscans, 'Camilla' is what they call the young hunting priestess dedicated to Diana." In one fell swoop I was transported to present day and the House of Windsor. Good Heavens, HOW IRONIC is that????

I'm looking forward to reading the next book actually, and will certainly have to find a copy of the PBS series that I so mocked in my childhood. Ah well, our tastes do indeed grow up.


Here's today's post.


Postumus is on the run - very exciting. Augustus is dead, I felt happy for him in the end to finally be out of Livia's reach I think he has earned a rest. And as much as I despise Livia I do appreciate her cunningness in keeping him alive for an entire day. I do like a nice fight however I cannot find any enjoyment in show fighting to the death - totally pointless and cruel.

Julie Carter

I can't work up any sympathy for Augustus. What a vain, silly man. Talk about willful blindness!


I'm flip-flopping over Germanicus too. But I think annoyance is winning out.


I can't manage much sympathy for Augustus, either, but I'm almost surprised that she finally killed him off.

my thoughts


whose idea was it to nominate this book for reading in the first place? i keep thinking of present day imperialism. i'm looking forward to finding out livia's plan.

finally done with this one, and tonight I will catch up with the just-finished segment.

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