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17 March 2008


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Here are my thoughts on these chapters. I really got frustrated with Claudius for revealing the fact that Postumus was still alive. Like he couldn't guess that his letters would be read by the powers that be. Though now that I think about it, if Claudius hadn't goofed maybe someone else would have let the secret out. He was just doomed.


I've got this one done. I've got the next one read, just need to write about it. In my defense of my lateness, Friday I had to prepare for the big Peace Rally. (5 years) Why is it I have such a hard time finding the banner every time? Then Saturday, the Rally. I didn't see much of it as I was deliberately off in a corner offering a meditation vigil space. Slideshow soon to be here: http://bpfportland.blogspot.com/. In spite of the rain...we had hard rain, sun, hard rain, sun, rain, hail, mist, and rain...there were thousands of people there. The media says 4,000. My photos are only of the space I created, as I was alternating meditation with fielding questions about Buddhism in Portland and about my group.

Sunday, exhausted, but I went and saw over a dozen people become Buddhists at my temple. Today, I went to this great preview and community dialog on Unnatural Causes. Look for the series on PBS toward the end of March, or maybe you have community previews in your area: http://www.unnaturalcauses.org/. More on that later on my blog...

OOHH. I really mean it, I want folks to work with me on the bubbl.us chart. Email me at enji AT comcast DOT net to become a collaborator. It's easy!

and now to the next installment...


I agree that Postumus was doomed, but Claudius was a bit of an idiot with the letters. When will he learn?

Here are my thoughts


Jessmonster, I really loved what you said about classics in your post.

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