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04 March 2008


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I love E. Lockhart
Her books are too funny to be true.
After I read The Boyfriend List I began recommending E. Lockhart to anyone relatively near me with working ears.


I ran around all day today showing it to my patrons. As most of them are a good ten years older than my parents, they all thought I was being ridiculous... which I guess I was. But, whatever. It's part of my charm.

Melissa Walker

I love Ruby! But I'm slow to this one too. It's in the pile, and your review just made it float up to the top!


I heard E. Lockhart speak in January and she *mentioned* she was working on another Ruby Oliver book. Woo-hoo!



Thanks, Ali!

More exclamation points are in order!



this book was so good all though i haven't read fly on the wall the boy book was amazing i love ruby and her adventures to the one place for the field trip.

Imee Baronda

So far as I read the blogs for this book, so many of them really love this book. Really interesting. I'll read this book together with my kids. Keep it up!

From the Philippines,
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