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12 March 2008


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Brian F.

Owning a life-sized Dalek, I think, would ultimately lend itself to far more trouble than it's worth. For instance, announcing that I was bringing home a life-sized Dalek would prompt my roommate to have my bags waiting for me at the door with an eviction notice. And I'm not entirely sure I could justify the space required to store it in my boyfriend's tiny apartment (that is, of course, assuming he would allow a Dalek-owning schlepp like me to move in following my ouster at home).

Even as inert props, Daleks are the scourge of my own personal galaxy.


But sweetie, did you miss the between-the-lines bit where I said I was winning it *for* you? For you? And we could, like, have joint custody??



I told Josh that's what I'd like for our 50th anniversary. (The thinking being that, by then, we'll have an extra four grand lying around. And enough extra space for a Dalek in the living room.)

My co-worker said that she thinks a Dalek jukebox would be excellent.

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