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10 April 2008


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I don't know why I read these lists. Ever. I never agree with them.

It seemed to be that women authors and poets were a might scarce. Especially poets. As in, apparently, no woman poet has written anything that changed the world. I think this stood out to me in particular as Sylvia Plath (whose poetry I don't really care for, but it's hard to argue against her impact) does not appear, but her rather notorious ex-husband does.

Very English. Very male. Very predictable.


What a boring list! Can you imagine going over to someone's house and seeing that their bookshelf consisted of this?!

Francesca Bates

I like lists because there are always a few new authors ready to be discovered by me. It beats wading through a lot of trash to find few gems.


What the heck is Orwell doing anywhere NEAR a list with the title "Children's Books"?


I like reading lists like this too - even if they aren't my taste exactly, there Are a lot of good books listed.


Yeah, fantasy is always considered kid's stuff by some people, unless you read Martin, Erikson, De Lint, etc. etc. etc.

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