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28 April 2008


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I love the fact that they made Georgia and the rest of the Ace Gang look 100% normal.

Having grown up in North East WI, I found "He said he expected a higher standard from Menasha schools" to be the funniest quotation in the article.


It looks like they've done justice to the book.
I went and checked imdb, and there's no US release date at this time!

Ms. Yingling

I have long thought that Ms. Rennison just wanted to make librarians everywhere say her somewhat embarassing titles. Her books are not that bad, just somewhat crude. I don't care for things in journal format, but some of my students love them soooo much. They will be very excited about a movie. Thanks for the heads up!


Vair excited to see this. It's looking really good for us fans of the book. The trailer led me to other Youtube videos such as a backstage interview, a fan's version of the story played by Sims, many different groups of fans recording their versions of the Ace gang's signature dances; and the Stiff Dylan's myspace page.


Irony! The article was published in the Fond du Lac Reporter. Fond du Lac is the setting for Maureen Daly's "Seventeenth Summer", widely regarded as the first YA book, and saturated with veiled sensuality.

i hate emo kids

i'm just excited that they didn't make georgia all hot like they do in every movie adaptation (i.e. princess diaries). she actually looks normal AND she has a big nose!



Hi there,

As part of the team who are responsible for some of the online promotion for the movie, I wanted to let you guys know what is out there at the moment.

There is the official site: http://www.angusthongsmovie.com/intl/uk/ (full site launch coming soon)

Georgia's bebo profile: http://www.bebo.com/GeorgiasWorld (including a weekly video diary)

and the official widget: http://www.angusthongsmovie.com/intl/uk/widget/ (grab this for your myspace, bebo, blog, facebook and loads of other social networking sites. Soon to be updated with more content)

Enjoy! xx

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