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02 April 2008


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I loved this one as well. I haven't gotten to her new one yet.


You totally sold me on this author. I couldn't find Perfect You but grabbed Bloom from the library this morning and already read a few chapters. Love your blog!


Finished it and it was cute! I really enjoy all your reviews of YA literature. There is so much there I never knew about. I don't remember YA lit being this much fun when I was a teenager! So i suppose I'll enjoy it now!


I'm in the middle of Bloom, and I'm loving it. I hope Evan turns out to be a nice guy because I have a bit of a crush on him. But... I also had a crush on Rogerson from Sarah Dessen's Dreamland, so apparently my taste in fictional men is not very good. Well, I'm excited to see how it turns out.


this book is really good. I love the characters and really love the way its writen.

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